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Manufacturers of Quality Trim Edges, Transitions and Stair Nosing for Ceramic Tile, Carpet and Wood Floor Coverings

We make it easy to finish the look of your floors by providing you with the most innovative and polished trim edges, stair nosing and transitions. Whether you have wood, carpet or tile, we have the finishers you need to complete your flooring and make it look perfect! Our products are widely used by homeowners because they can be put in kitchens, offices, garages, living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms and any other rooms in homes. Our products are also used by business owners who want to make their flooring look more polished and professional in their office.

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We manufacture all of the products we make ourselves, and can customize them for your needs specifically. Our customers tell us they appreciate how quick we work and are able to use our products knowing that they will make their home look better. If you’re looking for affordable flooring products that look great, then we’re […]

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Technical Product Overview Unless specified, all products are 8 feet long and have 130 Punched Holes in the base to allow adhesive through for maximum bonding to the sub-surface   Regular Holes Every 3″ is a 5/32″ diameter nail hole to help secure a pre formed trim. With an average of 24% bond area, this […]

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