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Terrazzo Divider

Terrazzo Divider

Materials: Zinc

To see material specs and information visit our Technical Data Page

Tile size 1/4″ 3/8″ 1/2″‘
A=1/16″ 370  372  374
A=1/8″ 376  378  380
A=1/4″ 382  384  386
A=1/2″  N/A  388  N/A



Zinc was one of the first materials used for trims and transitions.  It can be used in terrazzo floors as the surface can be ground to a polished finish.  It has excellent weather and wear resistance.  Products in zinc are 72″ long and have a silver metal finish.  Products can be fabricated to allow profiles to be formed around designs using our Flex edge.

Materials & Finishes
Aluminum / Anodized
Solid Metals
  • 96 Dark Bronze
  • 85 Solid Zinc